Frequently Asked Questions

Can the building be used in cold weather climates? 1
  • Yes, we have designed the building to be offered with radiant floor heat in both the bay(s) and the equipment room. The bay(s) will be plumbed with the radiant tubing. Once the building is set in the field, the excess tubing is run into the equipment room through a chase-way and landed on the supply and return manifolds of the boiler system. We supply all material for the entrance and exit slabs so your general contractor can complete the hook-ups in the field.

Who will maintain the carwash equipment once we receive the building? 2
  • Genesis has aligned themselves with your local distributor to provide nationwide coverage for the equipment package. Once you receive your building, the local distributor will be your resource for service and support. In addition, many manufacturers offer extremely comprehensive training courses for investors who want to be a bit more hands on.

Does the building come with the wash bay and equipment room floors? 3
  • Yes, unlike other types of prefabricated buildings and so called "modular" offerings, the Genesis building is the only offering that actually comes to the site with the concrete floors already installed. This is why we can say we are "The Only TRUE Modular Carwash Building."

Can the building be moved? 4
  • This is one of the most attractive aspects of the Genesis Modular Carwash. The building can be moved from its original location if unforeseen site conditions warrant its relocation. When you invest in a "True Modular" like Genesis, you are purchasing a versatile asset that provides flexibility not found in conventional construction and prefabricated buildings.

Are there any tax advantages? 5
  • Yes, since the building is truly modular, it qualifies as a piece of equipment. This classification allows the owner to follow an accelerated depreciation schedule (7 yrs v 39 yrs). Please consult your tax advisor as to the real $$$ savings you can receive with this system. In the current tax climate, our customers will be allowed to depreciate up to 42% of the total price (Equipment & Building) in the first year.

Where can a Genesis modular carwash be delivered? 6
  • A Genesis modular carwash building system can be delivered in almost any location in the United States. Genesis has also delivered into Canada.

How much does a Genesis Modular Carwash Building Cost? 7
  • A Genesis modular carwash building system is not a "one-size fits all" product. Every building is custom-designed to meet the needs and desires of the customer. True, there are base cost associated with every building that Genesis manufactures, but the endless array of equipment and architectural options along with local imaging requirements and distance from the Genesis plant all play a roll in the final cost of the building. Genesis can develop an estimate for a "standard" building upon request, but your final price may vary from that original quote.

How does the price compare with conventional construction? 8
  • Genesis Modular construction offers many dollar savings advantages: All architectural drawings are included in your building price. Site disruption time is reduced to a minimum. Your price is fixed, thus, eliminating any unforeseen change orders or problems discovered during construction. Accelerated depreciation Relocation capabilities Ease of duplication. When you take all of these savings into consideration, Genesis can save you money.