Supported Equipment

Listed are the current manufacturers of car wash equipment currently supported in a Genesis Modular Carwash System. If the equipment manufacturer that you are interested in utilizing is not listed below, please do not hesitate to ask about the possibility of using their equipment.


AUTEC Car Wash Systems

AUTEC provides customers with everything necessary to be successful in the car wash business. Whether petroleum marketer, auto dealer, quick lube operator, professional car wash operator, AUTEC Car Wash Systems provide profitable systems & solutions to meet the needs of the car-washing public.


Coleman Hanna Car Wash Systems

Coleman Hanna, is the industry’s one-stop car wash equipment manufacturer for all of your car wash business needs. Automatics, Tunnels, Self-Serve, and vacuums is just the basics of all that we sell. For over 50 years we have been a leader in car wash technology and innovations. Our ever-changing product line continues to provide entrepreneurs with the right equipment for a successful venture. The high quality car wash equipment necessary to achieve the maximum income potential for your property investment is here.



Founded in 1969, Belanger, Inc. has long been respected as the world leader in quality car wash manufacturing. Pioneering the first equipment designed specifically for cloth car washes, today Belanger offers an extensive line of vehicle wash systems, including touch free automatics and large vehicle applications. As a customer focused, quality-driven company, we continue to develop innovative products and solutions that address the needs of numerous industries.


D&S Car Wash Systems

Our car wash equipment and systems are dependable and simple to own & operate. Each day we strive to improve the overall performance, reduce downtime and increase reliability of our car wash equipment. Through our nationwide network of Distributors, our goal is to help every operator build a successful operation. We hope you will come to think of us as your "total" car wash industry supplier.


MacNeil Wash Systems

MacNeil Wash Systems manufactures high quality car wash equipment for the tunnel car wash industry and for the automotive dealer, fleet and rental markets. Our products are engineered to provide superior cleaning performance, reduced maintenance, increased production, maximum cost savings and equipment longevity.


Mark VII

Mark VII is the North American subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the leading producer of vehicle washing equipment worldwide. From our US headquarters and factory in Arvada, Colorado, and our Canadian headquarters in Grimsby, Ontario, we design, manufacture, sell and support in-bay automatic, tunnel and self serve carwash equipment for the US, Canada and and selected markets around the world.



Nu-Star has been manufacturing carwash equipment for over 43 years and has become an industry leader in the development of low maintenance, high quality carwash equipment. These systems are designed to provide increased productivity and profitability by eliminating labor intense activities.



Our goal is to provide the highest quality line of high-pressure automatic and self-serve equipment, the lowest maintenance and operating costs, and the highest profits for each car wash owner.


PECO Car Wash Systems

PECO Car Wash Systems has been a member of the car washing industry for OVER 40 years. We are a pillar for which new investors and seasoned professionals lean on for guidance, information and the best equipment in the industry. The PECO product line has evolved from the applicator arch and light bar to one that encompasses leading edge technology in carwash design and construction.


PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems

PDQ continues its global leadership role as the world’s largest manufacturer of touch free vehicle wash systems. PDQ brands include LaserWash® In-Bay Automatics, MaxAir™ Dryers, Access® Customer Management System, and SpectraWash® Conveyorized Tunnel Systems.



It is our goal at Powerain Systems, Inc. to provide our perspective customers with as much detailed information as they need to make an informed decision. We are aware that a carwash system is a large investment. That's why we gather crucial information based on your current situation to assess your project and help you make the right decisions.



Ryko is the largest manufacturer of car wash equipment in North America. Ryko manufactures a full line of friction and touch free roll-over car, truck, bus and van washes along with conveyorized, drive through and self-service car wash equipment. Ryko also offers a full line of car wash accessories.



Sonny’s is the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash systems in the world. They pride themselves on not merely assembling systems, they design and manufacture themselves in the USA. Giving their customers the benefit of better equipment quality, delivery and service as well as giving them the ability be instantly market responsive with new products and improvements.



Washworld is dedicated to ensuring profitability for car wash professionals. We understand that you rely on our systems. From the vehicle wash systems we manufacture to the business expertise we share with you and the support of our 24/7 Service for car wash operators worldwide, your success is our priority.


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